Local nature then and now

emerging dragonflyHave you been sorting through old photos and other keepsakes recently? Us, too!

John McEwen has been exploring the cache of The Lady’s-slipper publication at the Arnprior Archives and on our website.  “What a wonderful treasure trove of articles about nature!” John noted recently. “How could we share this content?”

I gave it some thought.

Most of this member-contributed content is dated from 1984 to 2008 and saved in black-and-white image format. But we also have interesting field trip write-ups  and photos that date from 2010 in our blog.  So, we’re introducing a mashup of the two: a series of occasional blog posts featuring an early member-contributed  Lady’s-slipper article along with links to related material

Our first is an article from the Spring 1985 Lady’s-slipper  on The emergence of the dragonflyfollowed by links to four posts relating to past field trip findings about dragonflies on nearby Morris Island.

We’ll include a link to each new post in our club newsletter as well as on our Facebook page.

Photo: Emerging dragonfly ©Michael Runtz



Field Trips: 


https://mfnc.ca/dragonflies-and-damselflies-of-morris-island/  2015

https://mfnc.ca/morris-island-spring-trip/  2011

https://mfnc.ca/young-macs-enjoy-the-dragonfly-daze-of-summer/ 2010