Citizen Science

Citizen science promotes an appreciation of the natural world and provides data that can be used for conservation and scientific activities.

The Macnamara Field Naturalists’ Club encourages everyone to record their sightings in iNaturalist and eBird as they go about ‘being naturalists’.

You can find out more about these two organizations here:


For eBird anyone submitting a list to eBird can share it with mfncbirds if their sightings are within 30 Km (approximately) of our trailhead. This does not replace our monthly sightings but adds another type of record.


To contribute to our iNaturalist data please register for an account on iNaturalist if you do not have one. And that’s it! Any observations you make in the club’s area will appear in the Macnamara Field Naturalists project. You can go to the project and find out what has been recorded in the area. The area covered is:

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