Club Executive & Volunteers

The MFNC relies on member support to achieve its goals. Many individuals donate their expertise and time to the Club, getting in return the satisfaction of contributing to their community and to the natural environment, not to mention the fun and good times enjoyed with others with similar interests.

We wish to thank those who have volunteered over the years to help make the Club a success.

The following is an incomplete list of these generous souls. If we’ve missed a name, please drop a gentle reminder to

Current Board

President Michael Runtz
Vice-President John Lawrence
Secretary Maureen Carrier
Treasurer Ritchie Lawrence
Communications Karen Runtz
Speakers Linda Sewell
Field Trips Janet McCullough
Membership Roger Magoon
Macnamara Trail Béatrice and Julian Romeskie

Club Activities

Macnamara Trail Committee Béatrice and Julian Romeski with help from volunteers
Website Karen Runtz, Roger Magoon
Facebook Pages Karen Runtz, Karen Krueger
Lady’s-slipper Karen Runtz

Thanks to the following sponsors for varied, valuable assistance and support:

Allison Playfair and Ross Fergusson from the Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority for our new Macnamara Trail sign.

George White

Kinburn Farm Supply

Focus Scientific

Nature Boutique, Canadian Museum of Nature

Nature Lover’s Bookshop, Lanark

Lee Valley Tools

Arnprior Public Library

Sadie Anderson

Ludmilla Borshevsky

The Thomson Family

David and Alison Stein

Stephen Beaton

Mark Stabb

John Soper

Marshall’s Bay Cottager Association

Fergus Nicoll

Natasha Monnon

Lynn Arsenault

Cathy Stewart

Karen Runtz

Liza Badham

Jan Mansfield

Roger Bird

Drew Downs – GelaSkins Inc.

Sarah Smith – Phlox

Jesse Philion – KeenBeam

Terry Tufts

Patti Jennings

Art Goldsmith

Ruth Bowes

Steve Duffield

Michael Runtz

The Trillium Foundation

K.M. Hunter Foundation

PJ’s Restaurant

Suzanne Monnon

Calian Ltd.

Alicia Salyi

Steven Cass

Adrienne Soucy

Franci Bruni

Mary & Dave Forsyth

Gord Vogg

Terry Mac

Bob & Louise, Gilligallou

Maureen Carrier

Mr. Chipper

Winners of Club Service Awards (incomplete)

Heather Lang, 1997

Sloan Watters, 1997

Donna Metcalfe, 1998

Eric Ridgen, 1998

Maryanne Koot, 1999

Sheila Thomson, 1999

Betty-Anne Beckmann, 1999

Noreen Violetta, 2000

Geoff Barnes, 2001

Mark Stabb, 2001

James Booth, 2001

John Keough, 2002

John Soper, 2003

John Beare, 2003

Anita and Andrew Hamilton, 2003

Donna Metcalfe, 2009

Mary Marsh, 2010