Dragonflies and Damselflies of Morris Island

A very hot and calm day brought out 13 species of Odonates: Slaty Skimmer, 12-Spotted Skimmer, Powered Dancer, Widow Skimmer, Dot-tailed Whiteface, Common Green Darner, Lancet Clubtail, Marsh Bluet, Ashy Clubtail, Frosted Whiteface, Halloween Pennant, Stream Cruiser, and, we were especially happy to have found the uncommon Pronghorn Clubtail. Thanks to Christian for leading us on the hunt and to Derek Dunnett for sharing his beautiful pictures which follow. P1070522 P1070611 P1020391 P1070511 P1070600 P1020386 P1070573 P1070493 Baskettail