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Invasive Species 101

Ontario has more invasive species (including plants) than any other Canadian province. Invasive plants, like all invasive species, threaten biodiversity. In some cases, they also bring health risks. Here is some basic information provided by the Ontario Invasive Plant Council on common invaders in our area and how to prevent Continue reading

Clearing the way

Our thanks to the Club members who recently volunteered their time and energy to remove invasive garlic mustard and plant native shrubs at the trailhead in openings created by trees downed by storms in the last two years. And thanks, too, to Janet Mason for managing the order and work Continue reading

Flooding on the Macnamara Trail

Macnamara Trail update: the frogs were singing their hearts out when our trail co-ordinator, Yvonne Wissing, checked conditions there yesterday but the presence of water in the nearby area continues to be worrying for local residents.  The trail itself is now flooded as you approach the first boardwalk. We`ll Continue reading