MFNC Code of Ethics

Guiding principle:

To advance and share our knowledge of the Arnprior and surrounding area’s natural history while promoting its protection and conservation.

General Guidelines:

•       Protect habitat by staying on roads, trails and pathways wherever possible.

•       Avoid trampling vegetation and do not remove plant material.

•       Carry a litter bag and consider picking up litter that someone else has left behind.

•       Respect the rights of property owners. Obey “No Trespassing” signs or obtain permission before entering private property. Inform the landowner of any interesting sightings.

•       Keep your distance and move slowly and quietly in the vicinity of wild animals.

•       Leave your pets at home.

•       Limit visits to sites of ecological significance.

•       Carpool where possible.

•       Consider keeping a record of your sightings to report to our monthly meetings and to online organizations such as eBird or iNaturalist.


Birding Ethics:

Birding has become a very popular activity and, as technology has advanced, so too have the number of disruptive activities associated with birdwatching. Always remember that the welfare of the birds comes first. Below are some important considerations.

•   Avoid stressing birds by not approaching too closely and stay well back from nests, roosts, display areas and feeding sites.

•   Minimize the use of recordings or call imitations, especially during breeding season and in heavily birded areas.

•   Use flash photography or artificial lighting sparingly.

•   Do not bait owls or hawks.

•   Be considerate of other birders and especially be helpful to beginners. Allow everyone to see the birds and be mindful of the placement of your birding scope and photographic equipment.

•   If you discover a rare bird be aware of the impact that your sighting may have on the bird, the habitat (and the landowner if it is on private property) should you decide to divulge it.

•   Sightings of rare nesting birds should be submitted to the Ontario Nest Records Scheme at the Royal Ontario Museum 416-586-5523. Website:

•   Be a role model for ethical birding practices.

You can access a pdf copy of the MFNC code of ethics here:

MFNC code of ethics