Welcome to Astronomy

Tim Cole, October 4, 7 p.m. Arnprior Curling club

Growing up in the Apollo Era, astronomy educator Tim Cole has been fascinated with space and astronomy for as long as he can remember. Past president of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada’s (RASC’s) Ottawa chapter, Cole’s greatest observing interests are lunar and solar astronomy; observing bright planets is fun, too, he notes.

Most recently he’s gotten very interested in stellar evolution: how stars are born, age, and die, and what makes them different. “It’s quite amazing what you see of stellar evolution from your own back yard,” he notes. “I have several telescopes, and I do a bit of astrophotography and dabble with spectroscopy.”

Look up, way up!

As in our Macnamara club, “sightings” are a part of RASC meetings and Cole’s version will reveal stargazing points of interest, taking us on a guided tour through the Winter Hexagon, one of the most spectacular regions of the sky visible in late fall and winter.

He will also bring along a small telescope and accessories so you can take a look at “some goodies” from an astronomer’s toy box.