Trail Treasures: Young Macs Explore Seed Dispersion

Written by Telsing Andrews.

We had a wonderful if muggy morning on September 5, 2015, exploring seed distribution on the Macnamara Trail.

Young Macs on the Macnamara TrailAfter discussing the importance of seed movement, we caught some burdock, enchanter’s nightshade and beggar’s ticks on pieces of felt, tossed around some maple samaras, and exploded jewelweed pods – abundant at the trailhead. As we walked along, the hard fruit of basswood fluttered down. We stepped on buckthorn fruit and were tempted by flowering raspberry. Across the first boardwalk, we encountered cattails starting to fluff and fly away in the wind.

Steve Duffield showed us various trees along the trail including balsam fir, black cherry and yellow birch.

As the trail headed upland, we encountered the most magnificent fungal flush. We weren’t the only ones there to appreciate the sights. A group of myco-enthusiasts were also there taking a survey. There were plenty of large mushroom specimens including various Lactarius including L. indigo, some Amanita such as fly agaric and Russula.

At the bird feeders, we stopped to do a little drawing and to open some red oak acorns on a hunt for acorn weevil larva. Then it was off to the boardwalk lookout. There were plenty of toads, chipmunks and a garter snakes sighted too. More animal signs included piles of pine cone scales, snapped branches off oak trees, a gnawed bone and bark with pileated woodpecker holes and the daintier orderly ones from a sapsucker. The sounds of chickadees accompanied us back.

Despite the heat, it was a wonderful outing and I’d like to especially thank the Young-at-heart Macs who brought their knowledge and enthusiasm

Young Macs on the Macnamara Trail

.Young Macs on the Macnamara Trail