The Science of Cave Diving

Renowned cave diver, underwater explorer, writer, photographer, and filmmaker Jill Heinerth will be the guest speaker at our club banquet on October 20, 2022. Tickets are now available online; a limited number are also available at the Arnprior Library and at our October 4 club meeting at the Arnprior Curling Club.

More people have walked on the moon than have been to the places Jill Heinerth has explored. Instead of following maps, she has blazed a trail into the planet, exploring lava tubes beneath the seafloor, submerged caves inside icebergs and the deepest recesses of the world’s oceans.

Her book “Into the Planet: My Life as a Cave Diver” provides a firsthand account of exploring the earth’s final frontier: the hidden depths of our oceans and the sunken caves inside our planet, notes HarperCollins.

“Written with hair-raising intensity, Into the Planet is the first book to deliver an intimate account of cave diving, transporting readers deep into inner space, where fear must be reconciled and a mission’s success balances between knowing one’s limits and pushing the envelope of human endurance.”

Heinerth’s dynamic multimedia presentation inspires audiences to reach beyond their limitations, challenge the unknown, and overcome their fears. She shares remarkable experiences and lessons learned in the deadly arena of extreme underwater exploration and adventure filmmaking, applying her practical knowledge to share lessons on risk management, discovery learning, failure, and collaboration strategies.”

Jill’s presentation to our club will include a special focus on work she is doing in Canada’s longest underwater cave system which lays beneath the Ottawa River.