May 14 2019 – Spring Ephemerals with Karen Runtz

On May 14, 2019, Karen Runtz hosted us and led us through her beautiful property in the Kinburn area.  Mary Marsh was our leader, answering our many questions while finding and identifying these lovely flowers which emerge and bloom in the early spring before the leaves of trees shade the forest floor. This property has not been farmed for a very long time so these plants have had the time required to establish themselves there. The day was a little wet and cool so many of the flowers were somewhat closed and we didn’t get the display which a sunny day would have brought but there were lots of blooms and a great variety of plants.

We ended the outing back at Karen’s house for lunch with fresh scones and coffee (Thanks Karen!) while Mary showed us some field guides and provided more information. (Thanks Mary!)



Large Patch of Marsh Marigold

May Apple