Annual Trail Maintenance 2019

Sharing some pictures from our morning on the trail.   The new bridge got levelled, fallen trees were chain sawed and moved, Buckthorn was cut back , edges along the trail were trimmed and things were generally spruced up.  Thanks to all who helped.  It was a great group.



Mushrooming for Beginners


On October 5, 2019, a large group of enthusiastic “mushroomers” were led by Suzanne Monnon on the Macnamara trail. They were successful in finding 38 species which Linda Sewell has listed below.  Thanks to Betty Michalowski for the pictures.






Birds and Herps at Stony Swamp

On August 24, with Derek Dunnett and Sophie Roy as our leaders, we took a leisurely walk through over 3km of easy trails at Stony Swamp, encountering 22 bird species, 9 herp species, along with numerous interesting insects and plants.

Some of the bird highlights :  A Barred Owl Continue reading