Katharine and Eric Fletcher welcomed a group of Macnamarans to their beautiful home, surrounded by the Gatineau Park.  After an excellent presentation by Eric on the local geology and history of the park, Katharine and Eric led us on their scenic trails where we enjoyed all of the natural wonders that we encountered.  Mushrooms were abundant. Mosses and lichens of different species were observed on the many interesting rocky outcrops. We climbed to a lookout where we could see the town of Arnprior!  Steve Duffield helped us with tree identification along the way. Eric brought us to an old, abandoned, molybdenum mine.  This element was mined for use in large guns because it reduces friction in steel.

The Fletchers have very productive organic gardens, which we toured, and orchards, where we sampled the fruit. We had a wonderful tour of Katharine’s art gallery where the works of local artists are exhibited, some of these are her own.  After our hike we had ample time to enjoy lunch and one another’s company.

Thank you very much Katharine and Eric!

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