Some of our Club Members’ September 2021 Sightings

Many thanks to John Lawrence for collecting and presenting these sightings at our meeting.

Three species of Woodpeckers visited regularly, then brought their young to Ann’s feeders.

Note that sometimes young birds are as big as the adults and it is important to leave them be and not assume they need help if finding them alone on the ground.

Ann also captured the annual return of a Great Blue Heron who has taken a liking to her gazebo.

Dave Forsyth photographed a Catbird; with a variety of calls, they are heard more than seen.

Placing the images side by side, Dave Forsyth showed us how a Hummingbird Clearwing Moth mimics a Bumblebee. 

Dave also photographed a Hallowe’en pennant butterfly—Celithemis eponina

Linda Sewell found this Giant Swallowtail butterfly on one of her plant pots.

We learned that these butterflies, Canada’s largest, weren’t in our area some 20 years ago; they are usually found on Prickly Ash, require citrus to feed and have larvae that look like bird droppings.

On August 19, Alberto Suarez Esteban saw some 100 Common Nighthawks at his farm in Pakenham, after spotting some 100 Bobolinks a bit earlier.

On September 6, Alberto also heard an Eastern Whip-poor-will.