Quiz night 2020

Didn’t we have fun!

When the final points of the evening were recorded, bragging rights for the 2020 Great Naturalist Quiz went to team Eager Beavers led by Eric Pohanka.  Points flew back and forth when each answer was revealed as members of each team did their best to squeeze every possible bonus digit from the grand quiz master, Michael Runtz.

In the end, though, Eager Beavers’ tally topped teams Missing Lynx, Bird Brains, JJJack Rabbits, Duff and the Girls, Wild Owls and Fishing Spiders on Ice.

Measured by the bursts of laughter that bounced from the corner-to-corner huddles, though, everyone there was a winner.

Check out our many photos of the evening.

Photos: Karen Runtz

Someone’s got the answer!
Reveal time!
How’d we do?