Photography Workshop with Janice Street

Photography Workshop with Janice Street

Don’t you find the best photographs pull you in and keep you looking? The images in Janice Street’s portfolio have that effect.

The new year brings an opportunity for club members to take their photography to a new level: a workshop with Janice Street from 1-3 p.m. on Sunday, February 19, with cookies and coffee followed by questions.

Limited to 10 people only, the workshop, which will be held at 6078 Carp Road, will be “first come, first served.” 

All registrations must by done by Wednesday, February 8.  If the limit of 10 is not reached, the workshop will be cancelled and existing registrants will be notified on Thursday, February 9.

The cost is $20 per person, payable by cash or cheque to Janice at the workshop. Please register at:

Bring your camera!

When you register, Janice would like to know what kind and series of camera you have, and what lenses. You will receive confirmation or put on a waiting list.

Please do not come if you are symptomatic with Covid or have any contagious issues.

Janice will cover: aperture priority, shutter, metering, white balance, focus points and tracking, burst mode, shooting action, blur movement, shooting to get soft background and other aspects of your camera that you will find on the outside of the camera and backscreen.

Want to see more of Janice’s work? Here is her bio and information on her workshops and portfolio.