Owl Prowl 2013

owlprowlmar13 005e

The 2013 Owl Prowl was a huge success. While waiting to hear and see the owls, our large group of over 50 participants learned about owl ecology and behaviour from our leader, Michael Runtz. At four of the five stops, Michael was able to convince the birds to respond to his very owl-like calls. We heard Barred Owls in two different places, one being very close to us, and two Eastern Screech-Owls at one location.  A Barred Owl flew briefly over us and the Screech Owls visited for several minutes, putting on a display as they flew back and forth overhead and sat in nearby trees. Another large owl made a brief appearance overhead, probably a Great Horned Owl.  The call of a coyote added to the beauty of a fine early spring evening with the gibbous Moon waxing.

owlprowlmar13 006e