Our January Members’ Night tradition lives on in 2022

Once again, you are invited to showcase a prized nature or natural history possession or experience.

You don’t need to have nature photos to share. You might prefer to read a poem you’ve written or talk about a new trail you’ve explored or an interesting nature book you’ve read the past year.

Please email any visuals (photo or PPT) of the item or topic you wish to showcase to John Lawrence at johndrlawrence8@gmail.com by Monday, January 3.

Try to package your “show and tell” into five minutes and keep your photos to less than five. Please identify the email as Show and Tell.

We’re also repeating an option we introduced for our 2021 Member’s Night, challenging members to submit a single photo reflecting some aspect of nature taken this year “at home,” (within your yard/property). Include when it was taken (i.e. any date in 2021) and a sentence or two or three about your subject.  

Email your content to John by January 3, 2022. Please identify the email as Nature at Home.

We’ll still be recording your special sightings as well so send the details in advance to John Lawrence at as well as any questions you may have. Please identify the email as Sightings. Photos aren’t required but are helpful if you have one. As in our regular meetings, Michael will offer his comments.