June 30 2019 Orchids in the White Lake Fen with Michael Runtz

After a cool spring and a late start to the summer, we headed out , with Michael Runtz as leader, on Sunday, June 30, to the White Lake Fen and it was a perfect day. We observed 12 bird species, including Nashville Warbler, Northern Parula, Common Yellowthroat, Swamp and White-throated Sparrows and a Red-tailed Hawk. But the plants were the highlight, with 8 species of orchid:  Helleborine, Showy Lady’s Slipper, Grass Pink, Yellow Lady’s Slipper, Rose Pegonia, White Bog Orchid, Northern Green Orchid, and a possible Ram’s Head. We also had many species of dragonflies , damselflies and butterflies.  Notable were the Bog Sprite and the Elfin Skimmer.  Leading into the fen were several species of fern, including Cinnamon, Lady, Sensitive and Oak.

Many observations of the natural world!

After the fen we headed to White Lake for ice cream and a picnic lunch.


Heading into the fen

Showy Lady’s Slipper

Arriving in the Fen

White Bog Orchid

Rose Pogonia

Grass Pink

View Across the Fen

Michael Runtz Explaining the Strange Workings of the Pitcher Plant


Male Elfin Skimmer, the rare and smallest dragonfly in NA

Michael Looking for the Elfin Skimmer

Halloween Pennant

Sheep Laurel

One-flowering Pyrola

Having Lunch at White Lake