Orchids in the White Lake Fen, 2017

On June 28, a group of us ventured into the White Lake Fen with Michael Runtz, searching for orchids. Two of our club members came all the way from Toronto for the outing!  Spring was a little late coming this year and so we got the best display of Showy Lady’s-slipper that we have ever had. The other 9 species of orchid we found were:  Pink and Yellow Lady’s-slipper, Helleborine, Green Adder’s-mouth, Rose Pogonia, Grass Pink, Northern Green Orchid, White Bog Orchid and the more rare Arethusa.  Along the way we encountered 20 species of birds, Pitcher Plants, Sundews, Bladderworts, various other plants, butterflies, moths and dragonflies.  We did not see the caterpillar of the rare Bogbean Buckmoth which we made a special effort to find.  An amazing day in a very special place.  Thank you Michael!

Photos by Betty Michalowki