On the Macnamara Trail Spring 2020

In early April, we posted a notice at the Macnamara trailhead as a reminder that:

“Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the trail will not be maintained until further notice. Individuals are reminded to use the trail at their own risk and keep their distance from other users.”

At the time this notice was posted, there was also considerable ice that made walking risky. The ice is now gone but there can be some wetter-than-usual areas at this time of the year. And as the posted signage relates, with the current circumstances the trail is not being maintained; it is also very important to use social distancing.

We’ve shared this information on social media, including our Friends of the Macnamara Trail Facebook page, and clarified misinformation about the ownership of and access to the trail that was circulating on the What’s up, Arnprior forum. As we shared, Nylene does not own the trail; Nylene owns the property that the trail runs through. The trail was a project of our Macnamara Field Naturalists’ Club, which operates the trail. The trail is within the Nopiming Game Sanctuary and no dogs are allowed at any time. Trail maps can be downloaded at https://mfnc.ca/macnamaratrail/