On the Macnamara Trail – November 2019 update

We haven’t discontinued the paper version of our Trail Guide … yet …

We’ve held off reprinting our Trail Guide until we can incorporate five new interpretive stops related to the new Nopiming Loop. We’re hoping to proceed with that soon.

In the interim, we have posted a new Macnamara trail map showing the main trail on the south side of the marsh and the new Nopiming Loop on the north side.

We’ve put further extensions to the trail on hold for review.

As noted in our upcoming events, our annual trail clean-up is planned for Saturday, November 2, at 9:30 a.m.

We are always looking for volunteers that can help clear the trail on short notice. Can you help? Are you handy and safe with a chainsaw? If yes, please contact Yvonne at trail@mfnc.ca

NOTE: we post trail condition updates on three Facebook pages: our MFNC FB page, our Friends of the Macnamara Trail FB group page and the What’s Up Arnprior FB group page.