Mud Lake


Sept 13, Field Trip to Mud Lake

A beautiful late summer afternoon found a group of Macnamarans wandering around Mud Lake, led by club members Roger Bird and Art Goldsmith. Few warblers were to be seen or heard in the woods but the lake was a busy place, with American Wigeons, lots of Wood Ducks and Mallards, several Great Blue Herons, a Green Heron, Kingfishers and a variety of other creatures in and around the lake. The ducks were quite stirred up when a Bald Eagle made a few passes over the lake.

38 - Sept 13-12

75 - Sept 13-12

87 - Sept 13-12

103 - Sept 13-12

A trip across the river failed to turn up the Great Egrets and Black-crowned Night Herons that we expected, but the views of the setting sun were beautiful.

Photos by Jan Meyer.