MEMBERS-ONLY MEETING: September 8, 2020 — Feathers, beaks, and claws: the remarkable world of birds

Feathers, beaks, and claws:  the remarkable world of birds

Canada JayIt will be a supply-your-own refreshments-and-seating for our September 2020 meeting, where MFNC members will be treated to a first-ever Michael Runtz virtual (and virtuoso!) presentation on Feathers, beaks, and claws:  the remarkable world of birds.

Michael will treat us to an intimate and highly visual look at how different adaptations have allowed birds to fly, swim, eat a diverse array of foods and conquer almost every habitat on this planet.

The venue: the comfort of your own home. And if you feel like dressing up to mark the occasion, be sure to send us your selfies!

Another change —we’re moving the date of this special meeting to September 8, the second Tuesday of the month, to give us each time to adjust to the new elements.

We expect to start our meeting at the usual time of 7:30 p.m. with announcements, reports and sightings;  send us your sightings and any photos ahead of time to , then connect online with Zoom for the meeting itself.

Not to worry — we’ll have our own dress rehearsal later this month before sending you advance instructions on how to join us via Zoom on September 8.

We expect to return to our first-Tuesday-of-the-month calendar schedule in October but all other details will be guided by the latest COVID-19 recommendations.