Macnamara Trail is open but icy and not maintained; use at own risk

The MFNC  has posted a notice at the Macnamara trailhead as a reminder that:
“Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the trail will not be maintained until further notice. Individuals are reminded to use the trail at their own risk and keep their distance from other users.”
Here is an update from our trail co-ordinators Béatrice and Julian, who inspected the Macnamara trail on March 31, armed with cleats and hiking poles, which they report is a must as the trail is nearly entirely covered with ice.

“Apart from the ice, the trail is in great shape with some light flooding at the far end of the main loop in the area called Sumac Grove on the kiosk map. That may change when the ice melts. A small diameter tree fell across the trail in that area. It does not represent an obstacle and will easily be dealt with later on.

“We did not go on the Nopiming Loop, but we can report that the bridge has not moved. No chance of flooding there! The water is one meter below the deck.

“We went to the observation tower. It is still watching over a frozen marsh.”