Macnamara Nature Trail November 24, 2020 update

An incredible amount of work on the Macnamara Nature Trail was accomplished these past two months by volunteers led by our club’s trail co-ordinators Julian and Béatrice Romeski.

Check out some of the highlights, starting with the Lady Slipper Boardwalk, where recent floods had moved log supports tipping the boardwalk; the long/heavy sections were difficult to level. A total of 26 boards had rotted and required replacement. 

Volunteers: Paul Carrier, Brian Roadhouse, Brian LaBrie and JR













Work on the Lookout Tower Boardwalk was next, including its levelling.

Thanks to the efforts of the volunteers, who also added a new section, this boardwalk now provides safe access to the tower. It now sports a new railing as well.

Volunteers: Brian Roadhouse, Brian LaBrie, Paul Carrier, Steve Duffield, Bernard Proulx & JR. Tower railing was replaced by Steve Duffield







Bird feeders on Macnamara Nature Trail

Bird feeders are up and being filled

Yvonne Wiss & Jean-Marc Verrrault are feeding the birds twice weekly; John McLaughlan & Agnieszka Keough provide backup.