January 2022 Sightings

A mug shot of an escapee spotted in Dunrobin was one of the surprises unveiled at our January members’ night show and tell.

Linda Lackner shared several great avian images taken at Stoney Point, Armitage Avenue, Dunrobin, near her family’s home along the Ottawa River but the surprise of the evening was the Lady Amherst Pheasant spotted in her compost pile. 

The pheasant was a pleasant surprise, initially thought to be a Ring-necked Pheasant until Michael identified it as a female Lady Amherst Pheasant, a non-native kept in captivity, so an escaped bird.

Lady Amherst Pheasant

Also spotted that day was a Bald Eagle feasting on a Canada Goose followed by a Wood Duck, seen on December 13, 2021

Northern Pintails were seen earlier, on December 6, 2021

Further afield, the Lackners photographed American White Pelicans at Sleeping Giant Provincial Park, Thunder Bay. Michael noted that pelicans were expanding eastward from Lake of the Woods to Nipigon and farther east.

American White Pelicans
John Lawrence brought us back to Dunrobin and the Ottawa River with a photo of Canada Geese, taken on December 4 just before the freeze-up. Maureen Carrier spotted some still in the area on December 26, 2021.
Jim and Cathy Dick shared a photo of a Song Sparrow that had been coming to their feeders on Moore Street almost daily since December.


Jim Simpson watched two acrobatic Pileated Woodpeckers on Christmas Day.

Murray and Cathy Borer spotted a Red-winged Blackbird on December 10, one of 14 species they saw at Oakgrove, Admaston during the month.

Julian Romeskie found bear tracks on the Carp Ridge, January 2, 2022  

While some were surprised by this sighting, Michael tells us that bears are not true hibernators — they slow down and their body temperature remains high so on a warm day the temperature alone can wake them up.


Further afield at Whiteside Cape Breton Island, Lucy Voss happened upon an eagle either “having her lunch or finishing a late breakfast.” Lucy watched until she flew away with the carcass and found the beak amidst the feathers.

Stephen Duff shared photographs from a summer trip to Alberta.

Male White-winged Crossbills
Bison at Waterton National Park
The Pika – a tree squirrel – spends most of its time on the ground. Michael describes its distinctive squeal, noting that some start before daybreak, others at dawn.


The Fungi family got some well-deserved attention

Lynn Ovendon

Lynn Ovenden’ photographed Phallus ravenelii, a fungus in the Phallaceae (stinkhorn) family, on a foray to Lavigne Natural Park near Bourget on October 23, 2021.

Lavigne foray

Foray at Lavigne Natural Park
A large area of spread wood chips also supported a large colony of Stinkhorn
fungii on the McNairn’s White Lake property this summer and fall.  Photo: Ken McNairn

Joan Heyding

Joan Heying shared five fungi found at Otter Lake, Pontiac County, Quebec

Chromosera cyanophylla: 29/06/2021

Helvella crispa: 06/08/2021
white saddle, elfin saddle or common helvel

Hare’s foot inkcap
Coprinopsis lagopus: 08/10/2021

Common puffball
Lycoperdon perlatum: 10/10/2021

White-egg bird’s nest
Crucibulum laeve: 10/10/2021