In the neighbourhood

We sometimes receive requests to join or promote other local nature-related events or projects. Where possible we include them in our bulletins or add them as Community News items on our homepage. The MVFN auction will have finished by the time you read this but Nature Canada’s Finding the Mother Tree is on March 26.

We also received an invitation to join an Earth Day cleanup in Arnprior on April 23 when the town’s Rotary club will be participating in the second annual community Rotary Great Lakes Watershed Cleanup.

Should there still be river ice or snow around at that time, the event will be postponed one or two weeks for safety and ease of cleanup. They will also observe any restrictions pertaining to COVID-19 at that time. Hundreds of Rotary Clubs in Canada and the US that border the Great Lakes will be taking part in the cleanup.

They are focussing on a number of specific sites including Bell Park, the west end of the Algonquin Trail in Arnprior, River Road approaching the east end of Braeside and others. 

Shared by Rodney Smith