Get ready, get set, go! Join Ottawa-Gatineau in the City Nature Challenge

From April 30 to May 9, find wildlife, take a picture and share it on iNaturalist. Sound like fun?

Even better: the sightings count in a competition between cities around the globe. Last year some 244 cities took part tracking biodiversity around the globe. The city of Ottawa reports that “last year the Ottawa-Gatineau region had just under 2900 observations submitted by over 200 people – we were the third ranked city in Canada, after Calgary (5573 observations) and Halifax (4383 observations).”

You’ll find more details on the Canadian Wildlife Federation website including  a map of the “included” areas as well as brochures with lots of helpful information, how to use iNaturalist, for instance.  One of their tips is to split the photo taking i.e. from April 30 to May 3 from the identification i.e. from May 4 to 9.

How many observations of nature will you record?

If you’re an MFNC member, be sure to fill us in on your results! Send your findings to .