For the Birds… and the Macnamara Trail Extension

Wilson’s Warbler

Was birding a part of your May long weekend? For Michael Runtz, Monday the 22nd marked the start of a marathon birding effort that took flight at 3:15 p.m. and ended at 3:15 a.m. Tuesday, as part of The Great Canadian Birdathon.

The birdathon is an annual fundraiser for Bird Studies Canada (BSC) programs directed to priority conservation needs for birds; its participants can designate 25% of the funds they raise to their cause of choice. Michael chose our project to fund the Macnamara Trail extension as his cause and although the birdathon is over, related donations will be accepted for another 70 days.

And there’s a plus—Wildlife Habitat Canada is donating a print of its 2017 Canadian Duck Stamp, “Tranquil Waters,” to whichever sponsor gives Michael (and therefore, us) the highest donation.
Note that tax receipts are automatically issued for all donations of $10 or more.

You can donate via this BSC link or go to BSCs Great Canadian Birdathon page (found under the Support Us tab on, look for “Find a participant” and enter Michael’s name.

And what was Michael’s final tally you ask? His goal was to find 150 species.His Sprague’s Pipits team with members Kathy and Mike Burge and Don Sutherland recorded 155 species. Highlights were a Little Gull, Marbled Godwit and Chuck-will’s-Widow.