Following the Geese

Young Macs check out the geese at FitzroyLots of Young Macs and their parents turned out for another beautiful walk though very different weather than last time as winter’s chill was in the air. There was even a sprinkling of snow. We started off discussing the dynamics of flight including looking at the shape of the wing and feathers using a model and an actual chicken wing. The fun with feathers did not stop there as we tested their insulating quality by sticking our hand in a container full of down. Fun but a little messy! We also discussed why birds migrate before heading out to see some water birds on the shore of Fitzroy Provincial Park.

There was a flock of Canadian geese, and a few red heads too! A big Osprey nest, with its Corvid look out, also drew everyone’s attention. The kids jumped from rock to rock, traced the goose footsteps, talked about the changing colour of autumn leaves and tried their hand at binoculars. Afterwards we all retired to Karen Krueger’s house for some hot chocolate and cookies.

A special thanks to all the Mac mentors that brought their equipment and expertise and to our host!

Written by Telsing Andrews. Photos by Karen Krueger and Betty Michalowski.

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