Early March 2022 Sightings

We kept our March sightings short to allow sufficient time for our AGM followed by a special Algonquin Park presentation by Michael Runtz.

Yes, you’re seeing birds on a brick wall! Agnes Keough wondered if the American Goldfinches on the Hughes’ home in Arnprior were looking for grit and Michael confirmed that it was indeed the purpose: the grit helps the birds digest their seeds by grinding them up.

Looking for grit!

Ann Lambert has huge flocks of American Goldfinches, Pine Siskins and Common Redpolls visiting regularly at her Maclaren’s Landing feeders. The Siskins are quite bossy and attack anyone else coming to the feeder, she notes.

Hoary Redpoll

On March 2, Jim Lougheed spotted this altercation between two American Crows and a Barred Owl on the Carp Ridge. Michael mentioned that there were lots of owls food stressed this winter with the crusty deep snow and limited numbers of small mammals.

Two American Crows. One Harassed Barred Owl.

Jim also sent us this later photo to give us a better view of the owl’s feathers.