CANCELLATIONS – staying safe

MARCH 31 UPDATE: The MFNC  has posted a notice at the Macnamara trailhead as a reminder that:

“Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the trail will not be maintained until further notice. Individuals are reminded to use the trail at their own risk and keep their distance from other users.”

For more details see our new post under Community News to the bottom right of the homepage : Macnamara-trail-is-open-but-icy-and-not-maintained-use-at-own-risk/



MFNC Owl Prowl and April club meeting are cancelled

As you know, we have all been asked to we do what we can to slow or stop the spread of the COVID 10 virus and to make sure our most vulnerable are safe.

For these reasons, the MFNC executive is cancelling the March 28 Owl Prowl as well as our club’s April 7 meeting featuring MNRF speaker Michael Allan.

The need to cancel the “inside” meeting is clear; while the owl prowl happens outdoors, it would be impossible to keep the suggested social distance if we cannot carpool and even at the stops when we gather together, crowding would be unavoidable. We will of course be monitoring the advisories and if it becomes possible to reschedule the owl prowl in early April we will let you know.

As you meet the challenges the state of emergency brings to your work, life and health we hope you can gain some respite in nature. We are fortunate to live in an area that offers many options.

Enjoy a walk as long as social distances are respected. In the current state of anxiety even short walks can make a giant difference.  If conditions allow a walk on the Macnamara Trail, remember you can download the Macnamara Trail Map in PDF at

While homebound, you may be interested in this new resource from the Cornell lab of ornithology:

Stay safe.