June 8, 2018 – Birds on the Mac Trail with Art Goldsmith

On June 8 in the evening we headed out on the Mac Trail to look for birds.  We saw and heard warblers, flycatchers, sparrows, thrushes, finches, 28 species in total, as we walked from the trailhead to the marsh.  The highlight occurred when a Barred Owl flew across the trail and landed in a nearby tree for all to see well and at length.  In fact, it was still there when we moved on.  For many of the participants, there were several life birds!  Thanks Art!

Photos below by Ritchie Lawrence

Barred Owl

Yellow Warbler


Swamp Sparrow

Female Red-winged Blackbird


Common Yellowthroat

Photos below by Maureen Carrier


Cinnamon Fern

Some of our group

At the marsh on the boardwalk