Birds of Prey in Late Fall

Sunday afternoon, November 27, found about 25 Macnamarans in carpools driving around the Arnprior/Pakenham area in search of birds of prey (and any other birds of interest).  Our first stop proved very successful when some odd looking geese were spotted within a large group of Canada Geese on the shore of the Madawaska head pond in Arnprior.  We were very lucky to have excellent views, at close range, of 10 Greater White-fronted Geese, both adult and juvenile.

As we moved around the area we were rewarded with excellent views of a mature male Rough-legged Hawk which flew almost directly overhead. Other highlights were 3 Bald Eagles, a Red-tailed Hawk, another Rough-legged Hawk at a distance, an American Kestrel and a flock of Snow Buntings.

At the end of the day the hungry crowd piled into PJ’s restaurant for some great food and some warmth while we discussed the afternoon’s sightings.

Thanks to Jon Ruddy for this awesome afternoon!


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