Birds at The Bill Mason Centre

June 1st saw an enthusiastic group of adults and children on the trails of the Bill Mason Centre. Led by Art Goldsmith, we were looking for birds and other things biological. The BMC, because it has a wetland and a fairly mature mixed forest, hosts a variety of different bird species.  Two of our target species were seen almost as soon as we entered the boardwalk:  Virginia Rail and Wilson’s Snipe.  For many of the group, the Rail was a life bird.  We totalled 36 bird species.

Suzanne Monnon was with us so we were able to identify several fungi and Art and Janet Mason were able to identify many things botanical for us.

As usual, that trail proved to be an excellent, varied and quiet location for our outing

Photos below courtesy of Gerald MacGillivray.

BillMasonWalk-7 BillMasonWalk-1-2 BillMasonWalk-4



WhiteThroatedSparrow (2)

Photos below courtesy of Ian Somerville.

IMG_0063 IMG_0060 IMG_0052 IMG_0053 IMG_0037