Birding at the Bill Mason Centre

We had another great field trip to the Bill Mason Centre this year, a clear, warm night and manageable mosquitoes. With Art Goldsmith as our leader, we were able to tally 44 species. Virginia Rails were vocal and visible; an American Bittern flew over the group; Wilson’s Snipes performed overhead and, best of all, a Black-billed Cuckoo was seen by most of the group members and for many it was a life bird.


Photos below by Ian Somerville:

Warbling_Vireo-IMG_3695 Wilson's_Snipe-IMG_3700 Common_Yellowthroat-IMG_3704 a leaf-IMG_3706 a moth-IMG_3717 Yellow_Warbler-IMG_3723 Cedar_Waxwings-IMG_3728 Virginia_Rail-IMG_3743 group-IMG_3734