Birding at Presqu’ile 2015

Under the very capable and enthusiastic leadership of Jon Ruddy, the MFNC had an excellent day at Presqu’ile Provincial Park. Friday night found our group of 18 at the usual rendezvous spot, The Harbourview Inn, in Brighton, where we met for dinner. There we had the chance to get excited about the next day’s birding adventures before we headed back to the Presqu’ile Beach Motel where most of us were staying, as we have for several years. We were surprised to learn that John Campy is retiring from the business and has this motel up for sale.

A few early risers started out at daybreak but the majority of us arrived at the park gate by 7:30 AM. It was a beautiful, sunny, warm and calm day, which made for a pleasant outing with great viewing and excellent photo-ops. We were soon greeted by Red-bellied Woodpeckers – a life bird for a few of the group members. The spring warblers made their presence known right away and the group quickly became involved in the search. Over the day we tallied a total of 96 bird species with 19 species of warblers. Our youngest participant, Nathan McArdle, spotted and correctly identified the rarest of these, an Orange-crowned Warbler, and he duly marked it on the park bulletin board. Most of us were able to see this bird before it was lost in the underbrush. Other birds which delighted the group were: Scarlet Tanager, Baltimore Oriole and Indigo Bunting, all together in one tree; Northern Waterthrush in plain view singing loudly at us; Rose-breasted Grosbeaks; more than 100 Long-tailed Ducks; Marsh Wrens, American Bitterns, Mute Swans and Caspian Terns in the boardwalk area.

Jon Ruddy and Sue Dodge were both spending their birthdays with us on the 9th and they were treated to cake and cards from the group. They would probably both agree that a day birding in the park is a great way to celebrate!

Thanks to Jon and all who participated for making the day so enjoyable!

Photos below by Maureen Carrier:













Photos below by Ian Somerville:







American_Redstart-IMG_0944Photos below by Peggy Gray:
Barb, Peggy, Barb

Lunch Time Presqu'ile Park May 2015

Marsh Boardwalk Presqu'ile park 2015

Light House Long Point  2015

Maureen & Jon Presqu'ile park May 2015
Long Point