Among the sightings reported at our March 2 meeting

“The woods have been quiet this winter,” noted Michael Runtz at March 2021 meeting. “It’s been a low year for seeds in the wild and, being food stressed, many birds didn’t stay around, heading south instead. New visitors such as Barred Owls have also been reported at feeders.”

Hairy Woodpecker

27 February 27, 2021
White Lake

Diny and Ken McNairn








Sadly, the woodpecker’s bill is abnormal, twice the normal length: such deformities (caused by a virus) are becoming more common. Michael Runtz (MR)


Northern Shrike

14 February 2021

Murray and Judy Borer

Sighted near Admaston









These “butcher birds,” have been few and far between.  MR