We were there: Arnprior’s 2022 Recreation and Culture Fair

Macnamara Nature Club display

As expected, our borrowed Great Horned Owl was a magnet for children and adults alike at our club’s display for Arnprior’s Recreation and Culture Fair on September 17; we also had lots of other material on hand to reflect the wide range of activities our members enjoy.

The colourful “What am I” board was another attention-getter for youngsters; one young girl in particular impressed us with her knowledge, pinpointing the full name of wildlife such as the Snapping Turtle.  

Our thanks to volunteers Frank Vermeer, Barbara Chouinard, Jim Dick, Judy and Murray Borer and Gerda Arthur for taking a shift and to Stephen Duff for sharing his binders of nature photos.

Julie Burns, Director/Marketing at Mount Pakenham stopped by to admire the Great Horned Owl and got talking with Murray Borer, who had a wealth of information to share with visitors.

“We were discussing how soft the feathers were, and that softer feathers are quieter and better for hunting,” Julie recalled.

Volunteers Judy Borer and Gerda Arthur found lots to admire in Steven Duff’s photo binders
Yes, we still have club notecards!