Young Macnamaras

If you’d like to learn…

  • What insect can see above and below water at the same time?
  • What bird says “cheeseburger”?
  • What tree’s nickname is “musclewood”?

… you can find out from the Young Macnamaras. For the adults out there, if there are children in your life who love discovering what the natural world has to offer, the Young Macnamaras have youth-themed outings to discover what’s going on under the snow, what birds are out hunting in the cold, and how to tell what kind of trees those are in the forest, even after their leaves have fallen. And we need your ideas about what might appeal to kids.

For more information, to get involved, or to register for our field outings, please contact Angela Skevington at

Read about some of our past activities here.

Volunteer Opportunities

If you like …

  • being outdoors
  • working with children
  • hands-on activities
  • leading groups
  • learning new things

… then we would love to have you join our field trips. The Young Macnamaras offer youth in our area an opportunity to head out into woods and fields and learn our local natural history. We need volunteers to help with set-up, planning, ideas, watching our young naturalists, and having fun. If you already know something really cool about the outdoors, maybe you could teach kids what you know!

If you love nature, are looking to fulfill your community service requirement or just want to gain experience working with children, then the Young Macnamaras could be the place for you.

Contact Angela at for more info or to sign on to this exciting experience.