YoungMacs Scavenger Hunt

On a lovely Saturday morning in November, the Young Macnamaras went on The Great Young Macnamara Scavenger Hunt with two very enthusiastic participants, who learned a lot about the natural world around them.




As is usually the case, the natural world was easily available without high tech equipment. Both participants had a pencil, a clipboard, and a list of 15 items to collect while hiking along the Macnamara Trail in Arnprior, Ont. That collection list included their favourite rock, a hat for a snail, and the leaf of a tree that stays green in the winter. The two kids also learned about “tree rubbings”, an easy art form using a piece of paper held against the bark of a tree, and a pencil to rub the paper with. They tested this newfound knowledge on other rough surfaces like rocks and leaves.




When their lists were complete, Young Mac co-ordinator Alicia Salyi had a naturalist’s question for both participants, and both got the answer right on the first try! Thanks to good weather and a sense of adventure, these youngsters had a fantastic trip along this local trail that’s so rich in natural treasures.