Young Macs

Many of our field trips are family-friendly and those that are, are described that way when we list an upcoming event and share it on our website, in our newsletters and at our meetings.

For a while we had to put our Young Macs program for children on the back burner.

However, if there are children in your life who love discovering what the natural world has to offer, we have great news: we are developing a fresh new program specifically for them.

Young MACS

Sarah Stewart is ready to hit the ground running as we restart our Young Macs program with some virtual field trips. Hers is a homeschool family and she already runs a Junior Naturalists’ program. Does the prospect of earning nature-related badges appeal to you and yours? That’s just one of many options she’ll be offering. And, if you already have a family club membership, your children can join the Young Macs at no cost!

If you have a young naturalist who would like to join our Young Macs program, please email

Stay tuned for more details!

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in getting involved in the program.

Volunteer Opportunity

If you like …

  • being outdoors
  • working with children
  • hands-on activities
  • leading groups
  • learning new things

… then we would love to have your help with field trips for young Macnamarans. In past years, the Young Macnamarans have offered youth in our area an opportunity to head out into woods and fields and learn our local natural history. As we relaunch this program, we need volunteers to help with set-up, planning, ideas, watching our young naturalists, and having fun. If you already know something really cool about the outdoors, maybe you could teach kids what you know!

If you love nature, are looking to fulfill your community service requirement or just want to gain experience working with children, then the Young Macnamarans could be the place for you.

Contact for more information.