White Lake Fen Orchid Trip

List of the things we saw on our field trip to the White Lake Fen with leader Michael Runtz…


(* = Orchid)

*Melaxis unifolia (Green Orchid)

*Showy Lady’s-Slipper (Hairy)

*Pink Lady’s-Slipper (Two Basal Leaves at Bottom)

*Grass Pink Calopogon tuberosus (Insect Pod is on Top)

*White Bog Orchid (Smells Like Cloves)

*Rose Pogonia (One Flower Per Plant)

*Yellow Lady’s-Slipper (Not Hairy)

*Northern Green Orchis (Hybrid to the Bog Orchid / Tall Northern Green Orchid)

*Helleborine orchid

Labrador Tea (Orange Fuzz)

One-sided or One-flowered Pyrola/Wintergreen (Indicates a cold climate)

Wild Iris

Pitcher Plants

Phragmites sp. (Tall Grass)

Bog Rosemary

Round-leaved Sundew (Carnivorous)

Swamp Milk Weed

Bladderwort (Carnivorous – Bladders Capture Insects)


Purple Loosestrife



Cotton Grass (Tall)

Black Spruce (Fine Needles, Orange Branch)

Creeping Snowberry

Yellow Flower Bladderwort Utricularia intermedia


Fringed Sedge Carex crinita

Self Heal Plant (Low Dose Aspirin)

Oak Fern (Three Leaves)

New York Fern

Lady Fern

Crested Wood Fern (Ladder Leaves)

Sensitive Fern


Horsetail Palustris sp.


Scarlet Waxy Cap Mushroom

Mycena sp. Mushroom 

“Bog Sprite” (Damsel Fly)

Bog Copper Butterfly (Copper and Purple)

New England Buckmoth Hemileuca lucina caterpillar (rare and poisonous)

Prince Baskettail Dragonfly

Elfin Skimmer (White Face Dragonfly with Red Body / Smallest Dragonfly in North America)

Widow Skimmer Dragonfly (Black and White Wings)

Spring Peeper Frog

Leopard Frog

White-throated Sparrow

Cedar Waxwing

Black-capped Chickadee

Purple Finch

American Robin

Nashville Warbler

Swamp Sparrow

Yellowthroat warbler


(Trip Continued to Stewartville Swamp…)

*Fen Twayblade Liparis loeselii

*Round Leaf Orchid (White Flower)

*Dwarf Rattlesnake Plantain Orchid


Enchanter’s Nightshade

Clintonia (Blue Bead Lily)

Creeping Snowberry

Giant Jack-In-The-Pulpit

Marsh Marigold

Poison Ivy

Indian Pipe (Pine Sap Species / Multiple Flowers / Yellow Colour)

Boot’s Wood Fern (natural hybrid between Dryopteris cristata X D.intermedia)

Bulblet Fern

Calcarrius (Public Hair-Like Horsetail)???

Shining Club Moss 

Yellow Waxy Cap Mushroom

Scaly Inky Cap Mushroom

Russula sp. Mushroom

Artist’s Conk 

Wood Frog

Bull Frog

Four-toed Salamander

Northern Goshawk