What’s up with the Macnamara Trail extension

You can’t see it, but work continues on the Macnamara Trail Extension!

Vice-president Janet Mason reports:

As presented to the club earlier this year, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry did not approve our preferred solution for crossing the West Link.  Their decision has significantly delayed the project.

We have been evaluating alternatives, taking into account the capital cost, the cost of long-term maintenance and the challenges of installation.

The West Link connects the current Macnamara Trail on the south side of the property to the north side where a new loop and a path across a chain of small islands will be built.  The challenge: the West Link is an 80-metre span across a swamp where the water level changes significantly throughout the year and the depth to solid footing is uncertain.

We are exploring a boardwalk-type solution and expect to have more information in the fall.