Trail Work in Progress

The intrepid four who came at 8:30 a.m. October 28 to work on the Macnamara trail extension faced challenging weather and terrain. Remember the biting taste of winter that hit our area that Sunday? It led us to postpone the annual trail maintenance event in wait of better conditions for shrub and brush removal.

But a team of eight workers had been contracted to install the aluminum boardwalk that same day and so Janet Mason, Steve Duffield, Julian and Beatrice Romeskie persevered.

“Getting the sections through half a kilometer of trail, maneuvering them in the narrow West Link channel, struggling in the muck and uneven footing was a mammoth job,” says Janet. “The contractor needed to take the sections in by trailer as they were too heavy to carry.”

“We had to remove the first boardwalk as well as some trees along the trail to get the trailer in; the trail is a bit chewed up with all the activity, but will recover. We’ve posted a notice at the trailhead until we finish the work and replace the boardwalk.  Five more sections and a ramp remain to be installed, along with trail preparation on the other side of the link.”


West Link board section in place


prepping the way