Trail refresh… sadly, vandalism continues

This summer we announced that our club had received a generous donation from a private, family-run charitable foundation that will allow us to repair and enhance the Macnamara Trail and its entrance.

As reported in our Summer bulletin, we have begun some of the work and are currently reviewing options for the trailhead kiosk.

We have allocated some of the grant money to planting native flowering shrubs on either side of the trail behind the kiosk and placed an order for a variety that will be delivered in Spring 2019.  Beatrice Romeskie and Janet Mason have cut down quite a bit of resprouting Manitoba Maple and Buckthorn in the area, which has been opened up to sunlight and garlic mustard by the Manitoba Maples that have fallen in the last couple of years.

Sadly, we’ve been dealing with repeated, ongoing vandalism on the trail, including the kiosk, even in daytime hours.

If you notice someone destroying or defacing anything at the trailhead or on the trail, please contact us at  Get a license plate number if you can.