Get Your Notecards!

The Macnamara Club Notecards are here—get yours now!

Each packet contains 10 notecards featuring two each of five striking photos selected from those submitted by our many talented Club members.

Collage of Notecard Photos

The featured photos, all taken in the area encompassed by the Club, include “Colours on Water” by Michael Runtz, “Kayak on Water” by Shirley Deugo, “Fritillary on Joe Pye Weed” by Suzanne Powell, “Shaggy Mane Mushrooms” by Karen Wright, and “Common Redpoll in Winter” by Shelley Ball.

Net proceeds from sales of the notecards, ONLY $5 A PACKET, go towards the  Macnamara Trail.

Purchase yours through Karen Runtz at

You can also order the notecards online. Please note that mailing, $3.00 for one packet or $5.00 for two packets, is extra.

To purchase larger quantities, please send an email to noting the quantity and postal code, and we will get back to you with a quote.

Thank you for your support!