Macnamara Nature Trail policies apply equally to the Nopiming Loop

The Macnamara Field Naturalists’ Club (the MFNC) has recently posted “No Dogs” and “Trail Rules” signs on the Nopiming Loop of the Macnamara Trail near the McLean Avenue access point to make it clear that the club’s “No Dogs” policy applies to the Loop the same as it does to the original Macnamara Nature Trail launched some 20 years ago.

Some background

The Macnamara Trail is on the Nopiming Game Preserve established in 1920 and one of the few Crown Game Preserves on private land, in this case owned by Nylene Canada. Naturalist Charles Macnamara had the land owners agree before he submitted the request to have it designated as such, to provide a safe habitat for local and migratory wildlife and offer protection to animals from hunting and trapping.

As stewards of the trail and supported by other local volunteers, the MFNC is committed to preserving this natural area.

Macnamara Trail sign

"No dogs" on the Macnamara Trail

No dogs are allowed on the Macnamara Trail, including the Nopiming Loop












NO DOGS pamphlet