Help the Vulnerable Watersheds Expedition

Aleta Karstad <>    Jul 30 11:51PM -0400
The Vulnerable Watersheds Expedition is within two days of launching toward New Brunswick!

Fred and I will be doing our “Art & Science” thing, all the way to the refineries in Saint John. Where the proposed route of the Energy East Pipeline crosses streams and rivers, we’re doing an independent ecological assessment, to find out what would be lost in the case of a spill – and I’ll be doing plein air paintings of scenes along the way. In September and October we’ll do the western leg, from the Alberta tar sands to home.

There are four ways you can help us:

      1) tell us about a vulnerable spot that you’d recommend we visit – arrange to take us out there if possible


      2) purchase a painting – we’ll be posting them on the blog as we go…

      3) donate to our crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo

      4) Whether you can donate or not, check out our description of the project and send the link to all your contacts, Facebook friends, etc., and personally e-mail folks who you know will be interested and wouldn’t want to miss out!
      Looking forward to hearing from you,