Watters View

Here is a grand view of the Ottawa River and Goodwins Bay. To the far left is the marsh over which the Marsh Lookout offers a great view. Their waters provide habitat for migrating waterfowl, and rare visitors including Forester’s Tern and Red Phalarope have been sighted near here. Quite likely Charles Macnamara observed birds from this location.

Two shoreline shrubs are noteworthy. Soapberry is the orange-stemmed shrub with opposite leaves. Ninebark sports attractive white flowers in early summer and reddish fruit in late summer.

Sloan Watters, one of the founders of Macnamara Field Naturalists’ Club, insisted the trail extend here, and he was right! We hope you enjoy the view from the bench placed here in Sloan’s honour, and reflect on the great people who savoured the same view in years gone by.